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e-Seal Container

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Weight 0.5kg

Backup Battery Polymer Cell 735Wh/L dari Panasonic dan LG

Time Charging 5.5 jam dengan charger 5V/2A dan kabel standar

Operation Temperature -30°C ~ +70°C

Moisture 5% ~ 95%

Standby Time

Memory Flash memory 512KB SRAM 384KB

GSM Spesifikasi

Module SIM800H

Frequency 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

GPRS GPRS multi-slot class 10

Receiver Sensitivity -107dBm

GPS Spesifikasi

GPS Chipset u-blox NEO 6M GPS receiver

10 jam dengan charger 5V/1A dan kabel standar

GPRS mobile station class B



Cold Starts:-147dBm

Hot Starts:-156dBm

Position Accuracy Position:2.5 m CEP


(Open Sky)

Navigation Update rate Up to 5 Hz

SBAS:2.0 m CEP

Cold Starts: 27 s

Hot Starts: 1 s

Aided Starts: < 3 s

Air Interface Protocol

Transmit Protocol TCP,UDP,SMS

Power Supply Monitoring Alarm status reporting of the external power and

Scheduled Report Report position at a preset time

backup battery of the device

interval,distance,corner degree or combination of these


Geo-fence Geo-fence alarm and parking alarm,support up to 25 geo-
fence regions

Speed Alarm Flexible speed monitoring for unusualspeed alarm

Special Alarm Special alarm based on the inputs detection

Remote Control OTA control of device outputs and upgrade firmware

version Date Storing Up to 10,000 record storing


Fungsi :

– Seal Container

– Mengetahui Lock, Unlock (posisi diatas peta)

– Alert Vandals, Penyimpangan Route dan Idle Terlalu Lama

– Monitoring Container secara Realtime


Keterangan Garansi :

1 Tahun GPS Mainboard

3 Bulan Baterai


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Jakarta Utara - Indonesia
T. 021-698 300 38
F. 021-698 300 39
M. 08176533779 (info product)
M. 08158806116 (Customer Service)


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